Monday, July 9, 2007

sad news up ahead

Aw, man, I just learned that CARNAGE's gonna be a lot more strict when it comes to level requirement. Just today when I logged in the game, a faction-wide announcement read that all families under CARNAGE are required to be level 80 and above in three weeks' time.


*Looks at DeSanggrias' level 37 status*

Okay, so that made me think of the following options:

a. Have a pilot for my account and have that person play 24/7.

b. Transfer to another faction with less restrictions and grind until I reach a much more decent level before joining any Colony Wars.

c. Stay faction-less until I reach a decent level and THEN join a faction.

Sigh. Sad news indeed.


And I also found out (via GE forums) that CARNAGE has reverted to the Republican Political Party from its former stand as Royalists.

Okay, I've thought early on that the DeSanggrias are Royalists. This sudden news has somewhat added to the problem of staying or not.



filsimmer said...

Ouch... That is why I tend to join a faction with a low level requirement...

I pray that if you don't have a faction, someone out there will get accept you in their faction.

For the meantime, do your best to stay in CARNAGE! :D

DeSanggria said...

@fil: i might stick to plan c so that i'll be in a better position to join another faction if need be. the thing is, if i were to join another faction, i'd still want to be in one which is allied to CARNAGE (not sure if you're familiar with some of the faction alliances). but the thing is, all allies are getting on the republican bandwagon.

and i want to be in the royalists side.

that's where the conflict comes in. ^^;

but for now, i'm doing my best to level the girls and stay in this faction that's become dear to me as well. :D