Friday, July 6, 2007

peekchur time!

While waiting for the server maintenance, a few of my factionmates with me and Veya chatted over at YM. I didn't get much work done in the process (hehe), but I did get stomach cramps just from controlling the urge to howl with laughter. I think my boss thought me weird yesterday, looking constipated and all, but what the was the perfect way to pass time.

After work yesterday, I logged in the game to chat with a few more CARNAGE peepz, and even joined factionmate AquinoYap's invitiation to engage in a Mission Interchange adventure. We invited a few more from the faction, but eventually it was just the DeSanggrias, AquinoYap and Estradz who took on the quest.

It was actually my first time to do a squad mission, and I was pretty much uneasy with these two high level mamaws (mwehehe). My computer was in a virtual state of lag yet again, but I managed to be not much of a burden to the team as we battled Escudo Pechers, Mermen and some crate octupuses. I was actually waiting for some of the girls to die because of the snail's pace connection and all that crap, but thankfully, none of them wavered, thanks to Estradz's hot Scout (LOLZ!).

All in all, it was fun! I really ought to do more of these Interchange quests. The drops are pretty cool as well. I didn't get to pick out some skills rings, but that's ok. There'll be more opportunities to get some rare drops in the future.


But of course, I'm not about to pass up on the chance for screenie-taking! I put some thought balloons on some of the pictures, although only Pinoys will be able understand some of the dialogues I put there. Hehehe. Click on the image for full view!

AquinoYap's funny Adelina, McDo-ish Wizard and cute Scout!

Owned! LOLZ!

Chillaxin' on the streets of Reboldoeux with Estradz


Demure effect

Fireworks at the end of a successful mission

Big shoutouts and thanks to Estradz and AquinoYap for a fun quest!

And there's going to be a test Colony Wars once again this weekend at 8PM - 10PM (GMT +8)! I hope I can join in with the faction to document the action as well. ^_^


Veya said...


We do it every maintenance or during AFK mode. ^_^

DeSanggria said...

@super sailor uber lovely dominatrix VEEEYAAAHHH: hahaha..adiiik!