Sunday, July 8, 2007

colony wars: a first-hand experience

The DeSanggrias got their first taste of Colony Wars yesterday, and I have to say that the experience was nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time! If I had serious hypertension concerns that time, I'd have died writhing in my seat. XD

Anyway, I went off to i-Hooked Net Cafe in Katipunan just to play GE and to have a first-hand experience of what it's like to go to war with one's faction. Despite the fact that the place was not that cold, I was freezing with anxiety. In fact, I was a bit adamant to join because of my family's level, but I figured it was worth a shot to try it out just to see my faction mates all together.

The attendance for the CARNAGE Faction was surprisingly low. Most of the resident faction mamaws were particularly missing, like Estradz and Infernalz among others. I just remembered then that some of them had an EB together with the wildboyz Faction that night (which also meant that these guys were probably drinking booze until the wee hours and would not wake up until late in the afternoon..LOLZ!).

In spite of the shortage, everyone was already on their toes, waiting for faction leader Overseer to start issuing orders. At 30 minutes before the start of the war, Lolo Seer (as we fondly call El Capitan XD) finally organized troops and gave orders for the platoon leaders to mobilize their members. I was able to tag along Quicky & Seighart's 3rd platoon and we all decided to meet up in Port of Coimbra.

CARNAGE Faction converge in Port of Coimbra Ch. 1

Upon arriving at the said location, I was surprised to see a lot of my faction mates—all eager for the battle to commence. I also noticed that I was the lone lowbie in the group, much to my embarrassment XD. Anyway, I learned from Seighart that our platoon was supposed to meet up in El Lago de Tres Hermanas. And since I didn't know how to get there, he offered to lead the way from the City of Auch to the awaiting colony.

The 3rd platoon contingent arrives

It's clobberin' time!

Making room for Quicky to do his thing XD

The first contingent of the 3rd platoon arrived at El Lago sometime after the start of the Colony War. I was with Seighart, Quicky, AquinoYap, Hawksmoor, Foxhoundz and Bushma before the rest of the group came in. The main objective was to whack the colony tower in the middle of the surrounding structures before any other faction beat us to it.

Little did I know that little tower sure took a long time to give in despite the fact that I was with a bunch of high level families. XD

A few minutes after we started ganging up on the Colony, Seighart told us to back off to give room for Quicky to do some serious damage. Then after, we got back to hacking and slashing and before long, El Lago's Colony became property of the CARNAGE Faction!

El Lago Colony: OWNED!

Our next stop was at Porto Bello's Deserted Quay. I decided to move back to the barracks and to use the Waypoint on the way to Porto Bello, but when I got there, several Thoracotomies (lvl 100) populated the area and I was dead in an instant. I went back to Reboldoeux, let Cyradis heal the group and then trudged back to Porto Bello. I took quick steps and veered away from the path of the high level monster until I reached my destination and waited until some of the squad members arrived.

The conquest of Porto Bello's Colony

Like in El Lago, the conquest of Porto Bello's Deserted Quay Colony was an easy one. I was able to use Verdandi's newly-learned skill, Meteor Strike, without any disturbances from enemies. Damned skill took quite some casting time, which made it hard for me to use in mob attacks, but thankfully I was able to see up close what it looked like while it dealt a bit of damage on the colony.

CARNAGE Faction at its best form

Spot the clones! LOLZ!

There were a lot of CARNAGE peepz in that location and I saw quite a handful of Claude Baudez and levitating Wizards in Clara Mago outfits. Wah! Seeing those floating Wizards made me wish I'd gotten myself one. But then again, it was nice to see Elementalists in Rosa Matrimonia outfits...the very same gown I want Verdandi to wear when she gets to a much higher level.

Next colony in line: Jezebel's Glen. Well, at least I knew how to get there so I just used a warp scroll (thank God I was able to save that location) so the girls went on to help the rest of the group. I saw a few families from other factions trying to worm their way in getting the colony, but due to the overwhelming number of CARNAGE mamaws (hehehe), it was inevitable that we claimed Jezebel's Glen.

CARNAGE claiming Jezebel's Glen Colony

Afterwards, someone from the squad (forgot if it was Hawksmoor or Seighart) announced that we were to head next to King's Garden. I took the long trip of going to Al Quelt Moreza then Cathari Falls before finally arriving in the designated area. I was surprised to know that VIRLEAD Faction already owned the place, and even more flabbergasted when I was the first to arrive there. Imagine the shock on my face when I met the faction's full force—and I was the lone CARNAGE family (and a lowbie one at that), so naturally I got pwned. LOLZ. Now I knew what it's like to be surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves. XD Man, I should've gotten a screenshot of would've been priceless!

In between missions to claim Colonies, CARNAGE engaged in Faction Wars as well. As far as I can remember, we've declared war on CloudNine and VIRLEAD Factions. Also, some of the Colonies we acquired soon underwent attack from other factions, so Lolo Seer called out members to help in protecting our Colonies. And since time was running short as well, our faction leader was bent on defense rather than getting more Colonies from other factions.

There was one point when I went back to the Deserted Quay that we encountered a Sabel Tiger ganging up on enemy factions. Hehehe. It was as if the monster was there defending the Colony for us instead of the other way around. And there was another moment when I ventured back to El Lago that I got chased by an enemy faction who was out for CARNAGE blood. Seeing that I was no match for a high level family, I retreated and saved my girls from utter pwnage. XD

All in all, CARNAGE owned 6 Colonies at the end of the 2-hour war. Dominion Faction got the most, but the excitement's going to be several notches higher in today's Colony Wars as the Yakisoba Faction's bound to make an appearance.

I'm not so sure if I can cover today's war, but I doubt I'd be much help in defending our Colonies with Yakisoba in the run. Nevertheless, I'm just happy to have been able to participate in such an exhilarating event.


Much thanks to Seighart, AquinoYap, Hawksmoor and everyone at CARNAGE for being a big help in the DeSanggrias' first CW adventure. Go Go Go Paps! Hehehehe.

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