Saturday, August 11, 2007

news and events update

So far, it has been an exciting week for some of us who've been spending quite a number of our waking hours immersed in this New World. Let me just enumerate what the DeSanggria family has been up to for the past few days.

GE business model: Hybrid P2P

I've always been an advocate of the pay-to-play scheme for this game. IAHGames has rather enumerated valid reasons why a free-to-play model would not be the right fit for a game of this caliber. It's good that they've finally broken the silence amidst speculations on what business model they will implement.

So for those who've been living under a rock, Granado Espada will have a Php 300/month payment scheme, under which the said amount will have corresponding G-Points for use in the Item Mall. Note that players also have the option of availing either G-Points with and without Game Time. They also have the choice of selecting Gamer Value Card (GVC) beyond the minumum monthly charges.

Please refer to the sGE website for details on the GVC, G-Points and payment breakdown.

In-game event: The Return of Vergo the Cursed

...or rather, the non-appearance of Vergo the Cursed. LOL.

I decided to take a peek on what was happening in this event, which took place at the Reboldoeux Queen's Gate Channel 1. The GE-wide taunts of Vergo got everyone psyched up to take him down, and naturally when most of the Pioneering Families took on his challenge, we all encountered a fiend far worse than Vergo himself:

Fun time LAG. W00t!~

Pioneers converge at the Queen's Gate.
Spot the Baron who killed Verdandi!

I was barely moving down the steps of the gate, and when I reached the fountain, Verdandi was killed on the spot by a Yakisoba member (we're still at war with them to this day *shakes head*). Thankfully, one of my faction mates revived my Elementalist and that's when the people (and the lag) started kicking in.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, Vergo sent quite a number of his minions to chop off Cervantes' defense. Take note that these monsters were not just the usual chaps...these were level 100 bosses. I've spotted a handful of Elgums, Grim Reapers, Magical Dragon Heads, TRexes, and a few level 83 gits such as Vladimir and the Fallen Champion.

And there were about 15 or so Treasure Golems that were unleashed as well. =_=;;

No sign of the Dark Lord.
And no, it's not you, Voldemort. XD

Monster drops were quite few and rare. Those who were able to get past the lag and actually pick up those items were lucky. Some of the baddies dropped the Sheep Horn hair for the Elementalist, as well as high quality rubies and other items.

But the thing was, we didn't see Vergo. Or his shadow. Nuh uh.

What the eff is wrong with the universe?

CARNAGE Faction event

Some enterprising dude by the family name of Cz°Overdose organized an in-game event for everyone in the faction. I'll be writing about that over at the CARNAGE Faction blog, so check it out once the article is up.

Faction politics

I know I'm probably not the best authority to comment on the faction politics happening in Cervantes, but I'm greatly disturbed at what's happening. As much as I'd like to say my piece, I just hope everything gets straightened out—for everyone's sake.

As Granado Espada is such an immersive world, it would do well for everyone to remember that THIS IS JUST A GAME. Let's not get carried away and bring the animosity in real life. Jeez.

But really, if someone offers a truce, accepting it would count for maturity and sportsmanship. Getting fussed up on so small a thing says a lot on one's character. I really ought to shut my trap. LOL.


Baroque era be damned, these guys need a vacation too!

GE goes tropical!

Welcome to GE summer capital, Gigantes Island!

Free watermelons over there!

Oh my, if he's part of the summer party, SIGN ME UP!! <3


Leoz said...

O.O <3 who's that hot looking guy <3
I'm in LOVE <3

XD got more pic of event? Let me see XD... -.-" it must be the laggiest event ever

faction politics? agrees with u =x

DeSanggria said...

@leoz: i totally agree! waaaa! *wipes drool* i wish i had a bigger and CLEARER picture of him. XD

i have more pictures of the event, will post soon. and i's the laggiest event EVER!

see you in CW later! :3

NineMoons Family said...

WTF!!!! summer stuff FTW!

*imagines a male wiz with glasses and a female fighter in a bikini*


DeSanggria said...

@ninemoons: unfortunately, not all avatars look good with the glasses. XD

Zyg` said...

*swoons* omg my male scout needs a sex change +_+

and yeah the event was so laggy lol.. did you guys see those enchantment chips on the ground tho? lol i was just running around picking up chips x.x;

DeSanggria said...

@zyg: once the game is p2p, your scout can have a sex change. LOL!

i didn't see those chips! the damn lag was so horrible i was barely moving. Y_Y

Ligaya said...

Why is the guy not dressed all summery? SUMMER = HOT MANLY MUSCLES darnit. >_<000