Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Idge Project (part 2) + Baron item at last!

Finally, it's here! My Idge costume is 90% done...I only need the boots and then I'm off to war!

I just got the goods last night, but I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures on the finalized suit. All I can say though is that it rocks my socks! And the Castor Sword is just huuuuuuuge. I still can't believe I was able to stuff that uber long sword inside a cab!

As you can see, the swords' length goes beyond the height of my bedroom window. It's even taller than I am! But like all Great Swords, I cannot do away with shortening the length because that's just what they are—ladifarkingda huge ass swords.

It's made of light wood by the way. I still feel uneasy holding it, much less swinging it to my back because I might accidentally whack someone. Nevertheless, I'm not going to wear it on my back coz I might trip over and break my neck.

What I did manage to take pictures of were some of the accessories.

My Idge hat fits nicely, as with the elbow guards for the suit. The gloves though, are made of soft leather, and my palms get all sweaty with the unbreathable cloth. But as cosplayers would say...magtiis ka (bear with it)!. LOL.

I might probably take pictures of the suit when I get home. Stay tuned!


Just this morning, I took a quick visit to the Mansion Reception Hall to hunt for bots because I wasn't able to get the free gravestone from Mr. Johnny (as what Arcleaumont just informed me). Lookee what I got!


'Gratz to Welling for being the first-ever GE blogger to be blogspotted by Mistress Hrin!!!


The Arc said...

cool gravestone na ^_^

DeSanggria said...

@arc: trip ko yung revenant! huhu..taas ng baron level na kailangan amp.