Friday, August 31, 2007

Family updates + GVC news & launch party

A lot's been happening to the DeSanggria family these past few days. Following my temporary departure from CARNAGE, I'm happy to announce that I've finally moved to a new Pinoy faction, Ravenloft! Mad props to faction leader sotelo for bringing in the stray. Hehe.

I was able to join the group last night, and it's quite amusing to note that the guys from Ravenloft are likewise fun people to hang out with. I'm looking forward to more funny discussions (and perhaps a raid mission with the group? XD).

In other news, I've finally purchased my first G-Points! An officemate who bought the loot online sold me a couple, and I've already spent them on my first purchase: Pioneer's Kit - Strategy Package!

The only thing I'm quite excited about this package are the 10pcs of Andre's Costume Box! Right after getting the stuff, I immediately opened it and got some pretty cool stuff! Here are the girls wearing some of the accessories and costumes:

Bear-type Cyradis

Schoolmarm angel Verdandi
Mucho thanks to pCM Veya for the Divine Angel Wings! Yay!

Alaena the undead

I also got some stuff which the girls can never wear so I'm resorting to selling the following items:
  • Clara Mago hair (lvl 84 female Wizard)
  • Shaggy hair (male Musketeer)

I want more Andre's Box!!!


And I just got this mail from Sir Lyndon...

Great news, Pioneers!

The Office of Pioneering Support is pleased to announce that Granado Espada Game Value Cards (GVCs) are now available! Now you can further optimize your exploits in the New World with the much needed items for your quests, or to simply look good while strolling around the verdant forests and crowded cities.

Please check the list below to know where you can avail of the GVCs.



2481 Park Avenue, Pasay City

831-2703 / 833-5219


1143 G. Masangkay St., Sta. Cruz, Manila

354-9250 to 51


MAIN: 2436 Leon Guinto St., Malate, Manila

BRANCH: 749 Victoria St., Intramuros, Manila

523-7088 / 523-8590


1345 Dapitan St., Sampaloc, Manila

731-3703 to 05 / 742-2078

Pinnacle Technologies

Balaga Luna Bldg. Catmon Malolos Bulacan



Miranda Traders

N.Bacalso st. Duljo Fatima Cebu City



Herrera Brothers

Door 6 Phil Veterans Bldg Monteverde Davao City


Quagmire Computers

105 bonifacio st. Davao City


HD Financial Services

Cagayan de oro city



Load Central

Unit 406 4th flr Verde Oro bldg Commonwealth Ave Q.C


Please take note that more retailers will be added on the list as soon as it becomes available.

Meanwhile, here is the detailed breakdown of GVC amount and their corresponding game time and G-Point denomination.

Code Types for GVC

G-Points with Game Time

G-Points Only

30 days Unlimited Play GVC (Php 300)



10 Days unlimited Play GVC (Php 100)



5 Days Unlimited Play GVC (Php 50)




Sir Lyndon
Office of the Pioneering Support


Do check out the Granado Espada PH site for details on the activities for the launch party!


gyl said...

5000 freaking G-points for 30 days ~_~

how in the world can we get the 30 day combat manual with so little Gpoints lol

lothlorien said...

Female wiz hair! I want to buy that! XD

I don't suppose you need hair for male musk or crocodile outfit, do you? Haha. But seriously, I would love to buy that, let me know!

filsimmer said...

Load Central doesn't have any 300-worth GVCs. I resorted into buying three 100's and looks like I missed out on a good deal... :(

DeSanggria said...

@gyl: i share your sentiments. not sure if we'll have other denominations for higher gpoints, so i'll keep you guys updated on that.

@loth:'ll buy? really? sure! i'll pm you in-game! :D i'm also selling the male musketeer hair in case anyone's interested. XD

@fil: did you visit their place? i called up last saturday and they did say they had all denominations. weird. =_=;;

Ligaya said...

Dude, none of them are anywhere near Makati. WTFH is up with that, IVP Interactive??? >_>000