Monday, September 3, 2007

Colony Wars (9/2/07): Rise of the new factions + GE launch party news

Yesterday's Colony Wars was a big change for me. First, this was the first CW of the commercial phase of the game, hence, factions who managed to grab some colonies made their first marks in the history of GE. Second, Ravenloft decided not to participate in the war as the faction leader was AFK leveling around that time, and third, it was the most quiet CW coverage I ever had.

Reporting about the war has never been difficult, unless your faction decides not to join in the muck for the meantime. But since this particular CW was all about claiming territories first, the action would be saved until next week for the defense of these colonies (in my opinion, that's where the real action kicks in).

Surprisingly, a lot of people were offline that night. Many were unsure if there was any war at all, seeing that no prior announcement was made. I checked the sGE site today and the announcement was there, but I do swear I looked into it last night and there was nary a word about the event. But of course, those who thought otherwise stuck it out and true enough, CW pushed through.

In spite of Ravenloft's non-participation in the event, I managed to sneak a peek at CARNAGE, who was busy organizing members to get the colonies in Pradera de Ceniza, Porto Bello's Deserted Quay, El Lago de Tres Hermanas, El Tejado Verde and El Canon de Diabolica. I heard that they had about 40+ people online that night (which wasn't so bad), and managed to get 3 out of 5 colonies that they earlier planned.

Meanwhile, Dominion has tipped the scales by conquering 8 COLONIES! O_O Meanwhile, the Cervantes map has produced new faces in the war zone in the names of Fenrir, WrathOfGod and DarkCrusade factions! I'm expecting more and more factions to emerge on the map now that everyone's gaining strength and showing more force when it comes to faction-on-faction wars.

Surprisingly though, ChocoPoring, the new faction where former Yakisoba junkies moved into after Tsubaki stepped down, had an initial colony before being wiped out at the end of the 2-hour war. I'm also expecting these guys to make a comeback in the future.

Anyway, congratulations to all factions who won their own colonies! See you all in next week's war!


More news about the upcoming GE PH Commercial Launch Party...

We're giving away FREE tickets to the Big Fish Night Party to the 1st 100 people who can present their e-Gamer Loyalty Cards! For those who don't have their own cards, fear not! You can apply for your own during the event itself! Remember, only the first 100 people to present/sign up for the Loyalty Cards will have their free entrance to this exciting Night Party!


This just in. The Big Fish Night Party tickets are pegged at Php 600. GE cosplayers and the 1st 100 people to present/sign up for the e-Gamer Loyalty Card get the tickets for free! Note that tickets can only be claimed strictly at 10PM.

P.S.: Don't mind the typo. XD I didn't make that banner. Hehe.


gyl said...

The Cervantes Server seem to be a fun server. lol. [RANT] look at Pachelbel which is utterly dominated by two powerful factions ~_~ and everyone's like wanting to join them instead of taking them down. [/RANT]

DeSanggria said...

@gyl: how would u like to be the war correspondent in pachelbel? i'd love to read about the dynamics of the war in a non-pk server! well basically it's just the same since anyone can declare war, but still..

and oh..wait till you see the action in caravaggio!

Ligaya said...

WTF Big Fish misspelled the most important attraction of the game!!! {dies laughing} XDDDDDDDDDD