Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Idge Project (part 3) + on going solo

Say hello to Idge Imbrulia...

...her armor I mean.

Neat, huh? I tried putting it on last night and it's quite ok...I'll just have to adjust a few parts of the leg armor and the elbow guard as well. I just realized that I won't be able to flex my arms while wearing the elbow guard because it's made of rubber. But generally speaking, the costume's really good. I just feel kinda silly in front of the mirror while wearing it.

The boots will be done 2 weeks from now. By then it would be the dreaded week of the launch party, but I do hope I can organize a small pictorial of sorts with my friend who's going as Brunie Etienne on the event as well. I just hope this little plan materializes given the time constraints on our part. Hopefully I can post pictures of me wearing the Idge armor...decent ones I mean. Hehe.


Yesterday, I asked to be booted out of CARNAGE for the meantime in order to visit other factions and feature them on the GE PH website. It feels kinda odd walking along the cities without the usual noisy ramblings in the faction chat.

And while I'm waiting for the invite to move to my next domicile, going solo has never been so quiet and lonely. I'm already looking forward to the next batch of people I'll be interviewing and I'm pretty sure it's going to be fun there as well.


NineMoons Family said...


Idge AND Brunie?!?!?!?!


[p.s. enge naman full pic ng Encantadia cosplay nyo o - did you know Ligaya is the Lucido family on Cervantes? ^^]

DeSanggria said...

@nine: yup, bosom buddies kami ni joy and i dragooned her to cosplay brunie. haha! sige, i'll dig up those enca cosplay pics. it's here somewhere. XD

Anonymous said...

Gawds, you totally own at cosplay...


DeSanggria said...

@Gene: hey! i hope to see you at the launch party, ok? ^.~

Ligaya said...

@ ninemoons: Hahahaha. Found me out eh! :P

@ desanggria: ... I forgot to ask my friend (Arlene ... the tall dark gorgeous girl I sometimes bring along during the cons) to take our photos. Whoops. =_=000 (I did try though! :3)