Thursday, August 9, 2007


We interrupt the previous boring post with this breakthrough announcement...

I was kinda getting anxious here at work with the huge deadline hanging on my neck, so I made the usual rounds of checking out some GE-related websites. The GE SG page in particular just posted a new update on the upcoming release of GE ver. 2.1.18, the much-awaited business model, and...NEW ITEMS!! W00t!!!!

I'm especially excited on the new costumes for the characters, seeing that the Naharurosa will be made available to the female Elementalist.

Flowery orange: Naharurosa

Musketeer in purple: Alberto's Royal Uniform

Snoop Dogg lookalike M'Boma: Noblesse Coat Costume

The Musketeer & Elementalist on a date.

Plus of course, new items will be included in the Item Mall, and this includes the extended warp slots and extra barracks slots!! Wahooo!!! This is going to blow a huge hole in my pocket, I can feel it! XD

And I'm pretty sure the level 100 people are going to have a roll now that the Veteran Stances are just within reach...

Check out all the goodies here.

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