Thursday, August 9, 2007

a change of pace + GE in-game event

I've decided to move in to Caravaggio for the meantime in order to get to work on the next featured faction for the website. I'm currently within the ranks of the PasawayProphecy Faction, a fun group who enjoys sniffing katol (wehehehe) and passing around amusing comments on the Faction chat.

And with my temporary transfer to Caravaggio, I've revived the DeSanggria cousins Kahlil (Scout), Raquim (Musketeer), and Armeo (Elementalist), who all happen to be guys. LOL. I wonder what's the counterpart for chicksilog for girls then. XD

Anyway, I'm back to leveling the boys from scratch. It's such a chore to level, now with the 2XP event gone and all. I'm beginning to get tired of seeing the Ferruccio Junction and those blasted hopping crocodiles. But something unexpected happened last night in that very spot: some low level monster dude dropped the most insane item ever...a friggin' Lloyd Control Ring! O.O

Okay, I know this costs millions and all, with so many players getting their share of Catherine RNPCs. I thought it was my lucky day and that I can have this thing transferred to my Cervantes characters. But then again, stupid me, I just realized I can't very nearly transfer items to another server so that means either I train the boys decently to reach the appropriate level so I can get my own Catherine, sell it to the market place or to someone else, or to just plain give it away.

But I'm not that much of a saint to actually give it away without a catch. Mwahahahaha.

In other news, I've finally leveled the girls to 52! Hahahaha. It's such a big feat for me, considering the limited time I can play and that I don't have someone else to pilot my characters. I'm just glad they're finally eligible to wear other clothing aside from those leather armors and robes which have become really sickening to look at for the last 3 months. LOL.

At last, new wardrobe! :3

Oh and I just realized the girls can be Baroned now, but if we ever do meet in-game, go easy on me. ^^

But I'm not stopping there! I hope to see the Verdandi dressed in a Rosa Matrimonio gown, Alaena in a Gladiator Suit and Cyradis in a Laranja e Preto ensemble. That's gonna take a lot of grinding for me. XD I guess I ought to say goodbye to my social life for the meantime. Harharhar.


RCM Hrin has announced an in-game event happening in all of GE's 5 servers on Channel 1: The Return of the Dark Lord, Vergo The Cursed.

The event happens today, August 9, at 2000 (GMT +8) at the Reboldeoux Queen's Gate. I heard this Vergo dude's one tough nut...good thing wyldfyer from the GE forums had this handy screenshot of this monster.

Waah! Level 100 abomination!

I'm not too sure if I can stick around to cover the event (with the storm brewing and all), but we'll see!

P.S.: It's Singapore's National Day today! Have a great one, people! ^0^

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