Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Return of Vergo the Cursed (part 2): Off to war!

It was almost daybreak when Cyradis stirred from her fitful slumber. Pulling back the covers, she yawned and stretched, then proceeded to go about her morning duties of scouting the area for any news and updates. She was already late for she could hear the stirrings beneath the Prancing Pony Inn where they spent the night in Cite de Reboldoeux.

She was already assembling her equipment of potions and healing pots when she noticed the faint rustle of the curtains from the corner of her eye. She quickly spun, drawing her dagger and assuming a defensive position.

“Oh, it’s just you, Alaena. You scared me! What are you doing there by the window?”

Her sister, Alaena, sat by the huge windowsill, observing the activities below. “Something’s up and about today,” she motioned Cyradis to come over and pointed at the cluster of people gathered at the city’s notice board. “Someone just put up an announcement just now. Wake Verdandi. We must know what this is all about.”

Cyradis knew the urgency to her elder sister’s tone, so she moved to Verdandi’s bedside and shook her quite thoroughly. It took her a good minute before her sister finally stirred and opened her eyes. “Wut?” Verdandi groggily mumbled.

“We have to go. Now.” It was Alaena.

Even Verdandi, who was notorious for her catty disposition, did not try to argue with her sister. Grumbling under her breath, she tossed the covers and marched to the bathroom, stomping her feet while at it.

“I need 10 minutes to fix my hair,” she hollered from the bathroom.

Alaena was already strapping the polearm to her back with Cyradis’ assistance. “Now,” she stressed.

They heard a strangled moan from the small room and the ruckus of Verdandi’s movements.

A few minutes after, the girls were down the square, easing their way from the already crowded area where everyone was busy with talks of the recently-posted announcement.

“The Dark Lord? I thought we finished him a few months ago!” A Fighter with burnished steel armor exclaimed.

“No matter. I shall personally see to it that this wretched creature is sent back to the bowels of hell with which he came from,” said a Musketeer.

“We’re going to rain photon splashes on that ‘tard, you’ll see,” a group of Wizards said smugly.

Ignoring the discussions around, the girls found their way in front of the notice board with other pioneering families. The wooden board was quite cluttered with advertisements from merchants and other traders within the city, but they did not find any difficulty looking for the notice in question for it was prominently placed…and written in bold, red letters:

Heroes, it’s time to put your training to good use! Let’s unite and fight against the evil forces of Dark Lord. The time is now! Join me in the good fight in Ferruccio Junction Channel 2 on the 8th of September in 1700 hours.

Pioneers, if you are up to the task, sign your family names on the attached sheet. Fame and recognition awaits those who will stand by the city’s defense.

For Queen and country!


Lady Doriane
1st Infantry Battalion

Cyradis saw the glint in Alaena’s eyes when she read the word “fame” in the notice. Seeing such a public issue of challenge would stir the warrior instinct in her sister. Without a word, she glanced at Verdandi and nodded. It seemed that they were thinking about the same thing.

Grabbing a quill from a flustered Elementalist wearing a Rosa Matrimonio dress, Verdandi quickly scribbled their names on the parchment paper.

We humbly pledge our allegiance to this noble quest. We shall aid the city’s defenses to the best of our abilities in order to rid the world of the foul stench of this accursed Dark Lord.

We are Alaena, Verdandi and Cyradis of the noble house of DeSanggrias and we give our oath of fidelity to Her Majesty, the Queen of Vespanola!

“That’s a trifle overdone, Verdandi,” notes Cyradis.

Verdandi tossed her blonde, curly locks over her shoulder. “Well, everyone else is going suicidal on this mission, so why not join the bandwagon?”

And for the first time since they arrived in Granado Espada, Alaena smiled. “Come on, we have some training to do…”


It's Vergo and he's back! See the reason to this hurriedly-written fanfic in this upcoming event!


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