Sunday, September 9, 2007

The tournament of surprises

As you may well all know, I went to Warzone i-Cafe to observe the GE tournament for the Nationals which will happen on Sept. 15. Needless to say, going there was a major pain because I nearly got myself lost and walking under the scorching heat of the afternoon sun wasn't my idea of fun.

But then again, I digress.

Anyway, I arrived late, but thankfully, the match hasn't started yet. There were a total of 6 teams that joined, including 2 teams from CARNAGE, and one of each for Spartan, Ventorealle, Ad Infinitum and PinoyAllStars.

The matches, which were held in Liberty Colosseum, sported the players in pre-made accounts which featured characters in level 100 status. With a given budget of Vis, they spent their money on purchasing the necessary items such as bullets, potions and buffs.

To give you an idea on the battles that were, here's my recap of the preliminary matches that transpired:

First Match: Spartan v. CARNAGE 2

The members from Spartan Faction thought of circling the area to try to get first dibs on their opponent's home base. But the initial clash in the middle of the colosseum left most of them at the mercy of the CARNAGE team who awaited them, spamming skills wherever they went.


Second Match: Ventorealle v. CARNAGE 1

This was probably one of the swiftest victories for CARNAGE. Ventorealle did put up a resistance against their opponents, but had to concede after taking up a heavy beating.


Third Match: Ad Infinitum v. PinoyAllStars

The initial meet-up at the middle of the colosseum was rather exciting to watch. Neither teams wanted to go down so easily, despite the fact that most of their members had already fallen back. PinoyAllStars was quick to resurrect their fallen comrades, thereby providing them with the much-needed force to counter Ad Infinitum's offense.

WINNER: PinoyAllStars

Qualifying Round

The winning teams drew lots to determine the wildcard team and the other pair who will battle it out before taking on the wildcard. The winner for this round would then challenge the winner over at Gamefrog i-Cafe to determine the finalist who will go to the Nationals.

CARNAGE 1 v. PinoyAllStars

Contrary to CARNAGE 1's early victory was a stark contrast to this match. A lot of mishaps happened, starting with the team member's actions to take down the beacons before wiping out their enemies. GE PH Team Philippine rep Overseer who was part of this group was engaging enemies single-handedly, which ultimately led to most of the party's early demise. Ino, who was also within the ranks, was the only one left alive. The opposing team split their forces to stand guard over the fallen CARNAGE members, making sure that the sole survivor did not come back to resurrect his teammates. The other half made way for the CARNAGE beacon, which they successfully conquered.

WINNER: PinoyAllStars

CARNAGE 2 v. PinoyAllStars

CARNAGE Vice Faction Leader Infernalz led the second contingent of the team, going in for an aggressive strategy. Since this was a best of three match, everyone was in their high spirits when the matches took place. The first match saw to CARNAGE 2's victory, but the succeeding ones were won over by PinoyAllStars, who were quick to spam skills and take down their opponents.


Final Match: PinoyAllStars v. Renaissance (Gamefrog)

This best of three match saw the skills of these factions who belonged to the non-PK servers of Pachelbel and Carracci respectively. PinoyAllStars was aggressive from the very beginning, winning the first match with ease. However on the 2nd one, Renaissance changes strategies by not going directly to the middle of the colosseum, but instead went straight to the enemy base. PinoyAllStars, however, was quick to counter their plans. A few Renaissance members appeared in the middle of the place, where PinoyAllStars waited. Skills rained all over, but the Pachelbel team was quick to resu their fallen, thereby suppressing the attacks.


Having watched all matches, I only have one thing to say, and that's to ALWAYS be careful in buying your stuff. Most of the errors were done at this early stage, with some players mistakenly buying rifle bullets instead of those for pistols, while others erroneously alloted mana potions to their hot keys instead of healing potions. Heck, I'm no expert in PVPs, but as they say, it always pays to double check on your plans and strategies before heading off.

Veya and I had a roll teasing the CARNAGE guys over this minor episode though. Hehe.

And because I was busy covering the matches, I was only able to take a few minutes peek at the Vergo event. Well, the peek was quite long for some of the summoned bosses to kill my girls with much ease. Harhar. If ever Harbin gets to read this, I apologize for unceremoniously disappearing at the height of the event.

Anyway, enough with formalities...let's get on with the pic spammage!

That's CARNAGE's Sprikitik's mop of unruly hair. He was probably one of the loudest bunch during the matches. And incidentally, his lineup composed of a Musketeer, but he didn't buy bullets for the pistols during the first match. Genius, I say! XD

No serious moments for Seighart of CARNAGE. XP

Spot teh CARNAGE peepz: Ino, Overseer, Seighart, Infernalz, AquinoYap, Spirikitik & IIZordicII

The Champs: PinoyAllStars

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