Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oktoberfest...the Granado Espada way

Together with a few friends in GE, Welling and I trooped to Metrowalk in Ortigas, the popular haunt for nightlife and gimik place of most people, for the closing party of Oktoberfest. GE PH had a hand as one of the participating sponsors in the event. And of course when you talk about GE, you cannot discount freeplays...and there was just that, right at the Gamefrog i-Cafe.

L-R: NineMoons, Fixdotter, pCM Veya, Welling, DeSanggria & Conteza

I met fellow bloggers Fixdotter, NineMoons, and later on Daemonic in the event. I also got to meet new faces such as Conteza and Vivaldi's Carebear Faction Leader Lobishomen and Deputy MirageEros who were quite engrossed in a boss hunt that time.

Lobishomen and MirageEros engrossed in a boss raid.

Unable to resist the lure of freeplay, I too engaged in the Halloween in-game event in search of Tiburon's scarecrows. I managed to find a handful of them, but later on I had to squad up with Welling to get to the higher level areas.

And finally, my efforts paid off as I finished the quest. I got all the loot from Tiburon—chocolates, diamond coupons, lvl 64 enchantment chips...and pumpkin hats! Unfortunately, only the stock characters can wear them, so only my elementalist, Armeo, looked quite the silly one. The hats are tradeable, so I gave the remaining 2 to Welling. You should see how silly his wizard and fighter looked wearing those accessories. Hehe.

Beer! A huge one!

Anyway, we weren't able to stay for long. We just went to the GE booth at the main event area, and I was surprised to see a lot of premium GE merchandise. Take note that these are not the usual merchandise available here in the Philippines.

The stuff came from IAH Singapore, so you can just imagine all those hard to find goodies such as posters, door hangers, mugs, shirts and mousepads! I was drooling all over it and was even tempted to nick a few (mwehehehe), but alas, they were for token exchange thingamajig in the event.

GE PH Product Manager, Ivee Feria, with teh premium GE loot.

Later on, we'll be having our GE bloggers' meeting. I'm already running late so let's save the chit chat some other time.

Ciao for now!~

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