Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Colony Wars (11/11/07): The spy in our midst

This week's colony wars proved to be a lot more challenging, especially to the AdeptasFraternas Faction. The group's tenacity was put to the test as they had to contend with several circumstances that inevitably rocked the scale of balance in the world map of Caravaggio.

But before that, here's a semi-incomplete list of the factions that declared war on each other. I had difficulties logging in the game after the first hour of the war.

Ethereal v. Eclipse
SupperClub™ v. Eclipse
EdeN v. AdeptasFraternas
Onslaught v. Eclipse
EdeN v. RedstarAvengers
Azyr v. Eclipse
SupperClub™ v. AdeptasFraternas
Ethereal v. Azyr
SupperClub™ v. †Reβírth†
Azyr v. SupperClub™
†Reβírth† v. Azyr
iRreSistibLe v. Etherea;
EdeN v. Azyr
Azyr v. Ethereal
EdeN v. Eclipse
†Reβírth† v. SupperClub™
SupperClub™ v. Ethereal
Ethereal v. †Reβírth†

With only 28-33 people online that night, AF already had an impending dilemma on their hands, which was the defense of their 5 colonies. It was pretty much evident that AF was going to have a difficult CW up ahead as tension filled the air.

Some factions who do not have colonies banded together to make their line more solid in the attempt to break through the defense of those defending their territories. EdeN was the first to launch an attack on the AF colony in Katovic Snowfield. Revolution followed suit as it lay siege on Topolo Durga. Both of these factions were able to claim these colonies for their own as AF was unable to put up a stand to the overwhelming deluge of adversaries.

AdeptasFraternas & †Reβírth† battle it out for the Tetra colony

Meanwhile in Pradera de Ceniza, SupperClub™ was quite aggressive in attacking the said AF territory, thereby causing alarm from the members. Faction leader Welling was keen in ordering a full force attack on EdeN's Hermanas colony and to just retake their lost territories once they've succeeded in claiming this particular target. Things worked out well in the beginning, as AF was slowly able to fend off the defenders from their attempt, but were inevitably pushed back by EdeN at the latter part of the assault. They were thus forced to abandon their seige in Hermanas.

By the middle of the war, AF had lost all of its colonies as they were deluged by simulataneous attacks. The guys made an effort to reclaim their colonies by attacking Tetra Hill and El Lago de Tres Hermanas. However on both these attempts, they were always thwarted by the defending factions holding these territories. It was at this moment when people speculated the presence of a spy within the faction.

AF gets a clear shot of the colony

With the clock ticking to the last minute, Welling advised everyone to move to their last stand in Katovic Snowfield in an effort to reclaim their "true" colony. The spy theory was further confirmed when a team of EdeN faction members awaited AF within the colony pillars to engage them in a heated battle.

Azyr makes an attempt to conquer Tetra Hill

And so on that Colony War night, AF was colony-less for the second time. Yet I'm pretty much sure these guys are coming back next week with much, much vengeance.

Congratulations to all factions! Great war indeed!


Anonymous said...

come on la spy what make u so 100% sure about it. Since u said it's AF's "true" colony who also know u ggin there of course go la duh =.=

Plus arnt u just bais about Eden juz cuz ur bf is af. Also, ur "official war report" is revoled around AF n AF and more AF isnt that like - boring~~~

DeSanggria said...

hello anonymous.

i basically reported what i saw in the faction chat and some of the words i used were placed in quotes, meaning these statements did not come from me.

i do appreciate all sorts of feedback regarding my report although i also need your input if there's anything i've missed.

for the record i'm not biased against any faction. as much as possible i try to visit the faction colonies every CW to see what's happening there & to include other factions when i get screenshots & note their other fights as well. it really is quite difficult to be everywhere during CW especially if you're just in one faction, so i try to cover as much as i can, hence, i need your feedback and ideas on the war that transpired.

anyway, thank you for your input. please do let me know of any other info i've missed or overlooked. ^_^