Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Updates and reminders

I've been very much active lately in Caravaggio as I'm currently training my Bernelli (Riza), Emilia the Sage (Ehlana) and Elementalist (Armeo) with the hard-earned Combat & Tactics Manual I've purchased. The free Forgotten Territory passes given away a few weeks ago doubles my effort in pushing the DeSanggrias in this server to a much more decent level. And I'm happy to say I've accomplished in a much lesser time what I've spent 3 months of level grinding in Cervantes because now I have...

a levitating Ehlana/Emilia the Sage!!!! W000000t!!!!

Now I understand NineMoon's obsession over Wizards...these babies are really pretty once you get them flying around. Well, micro-managing is getting me in panic and all since I'm leveling her stances in time to get the really cool Photon Splash thingamajig. I can't wait!

In the meantime, I'm leveling Riza's shotgun stance to get to see what the Claymore skill looks like. As for Armeo, well, I find it funny seeing him in a croc suit with a pumpkin head. LOL.

The DeSanggrias in Cervantes are currently in hiatus, although I bought Alaena the Fighter a nice Sunset Striped Suit (which cost me a lot, actually T_T). I was planning to buy a Torsche dress for Verdandi the Elementalist, but was dismayed at the price. When I checked the price in Caravaggio, I was even more astonished to find the item below a million vis, contrary to the Cervantes tag of 2 million. @_@ Cervantes doesn't love me anymore.

Luckily, NineMoons lent me hers. Hehe. Now I only have to level grind Verdandi so she can wear the little black dress. XD


I'm pretty much sure you've seen this in NineMoons' and the Reclusion blog...

Yes, we are joining the Fantazzztic Film Awards! And I'm particularly loving this 2nd teaser made by our equally fantazzztic teammate, Darrick.

Watch out for our entry this December! v^_^v


Don't forget to join my mini-contest! Deadline of entries is already tomorrow, November 14, at 11:59PM (GMT +8). I will announce the winner the next day during the usual maintenance schedule.

Good luck to all who joined! ^_^

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