Thursday, December 27, 2007

Naughty or Nice list + boss hunts!

Ok, here's the final list of winners for the Naughty or Nice event. I missed out on the last two names because I was at a LAN shop and the connections sucked. Please do inform me of the other two winners and I will gladly update the list. ^^
Day 3

*thanks to Kn!ghts from the forums for the update ^^

And yes, I won! Wahoo!!! And here's what Santa graciously gave me...

I did the enhancement myself. ^^ I still have yet to enchant it to get good stats. Hehe.

I was summoned to Cite de Reboldoeux and I saw Santa in the flesh (no, he wasn't fat and old XD), as well as another honored visitor...RCM Hrin!!!

I had a small chat with Hrin along with some of the other winners who were summoned to the city. It was actually the first time for me to see her in-game, and I believe almost everyone in Caravaggio were likewise surprised of her unexpected visit.

Anyway, I'd like to thank Santa and Hrin for the great gift. It totally made my day. My Christmas wish list is a rather long entry, so I'll just redirect you over here in case anyone's curious ^^;. I'm the last post in the thread on that page. Hehe.

Congratulations to my mate, Senzenin, for winning as well! :3

In other news, grinding is slowly testing my patience. Good thing our faction leader took some of us into a mini boss hunting safari in some maps.

Spardo encountered the Bellboy of Mein in Desolate Cliff and quickly invited us to whack this ugly fiend. Too bad we were KSed at the last moment of the monster's life, although I was able to see that it dropped sword (forgot the name though) the silver hammer to summon Vergo (thanks for that, Spardy hehehe).

And here is one of my first successful mini boss conquest...the Sabel Tiger! Thanks to Spardy for tanking the turd. XD

I was able to get the loot, which was a Knight of Templar armor, albeit with sucky stats. Nevertheless, the exhilaration of the experience fueled my wishes to reach Veteran soon. And I'm getting's only a matter of time. ^_^

I've likewise taken on the mission to get a Viki RNPC card. The quest is long and the drops are rare...perhaps I'll finish it when I'm done with the level grinding of my main team. Here's to hoping I get his card!

Too bad it's maintenance day today. Hehe. >.<


spardo said...

yo gratz to u that u got ur elite..
today maintenance day..n i could sleep peacefully
btw the drop form thebellboy of mein is not a sword..hehex
it silver hammer to summon worst nightmare-vergo the cursed..indead his viciously curesd...haha

hace a nice day.

rob said...

nice to see you nearing your goal. goodluck~

DeSanggria said...

@spardy: bad. XD thanks for the heads up.

@rob: thank you. i couldn't have done it without you. :)