Friday, December 28, 2007

An open letter

A recent post from my friend and fellow CW correspondent, NineMoons, brings up the issue on CW reporting.

I was shocked to know that our buddy and fellow reporters, the Reclusion brothers, have given up on reporting as well. And based from NineMoons' post, it looks like they too suffered the same as I did in Caravaggio.

Many in my server have asked about the absence of the reports for Caravaggio. I believe it's about time I said my piece.

I was previously accused of playing favoritism on AdeptasFraternas, my first faction in Caravaggio. During the first few weeks of my reporting, I talked about AF and their war strategies and exploits, taking note of the other factions who likewise waged war. It was one report that was brought up to me, saying that all I ever talked about was AF and nothing else.

After that report, I was repeatedly flamed and jeered in the forums and in the public broadcast as well. Welling was not spared from this; he was probably flamed even more than I was because of the fact that I happened to be this faction leader's SO.

And so, I left AF so that I won't have to bring the faction down with me. Although I admit to my mistake of frequently highlighting the faction, there was never a thought in my head to play favorites. You see, no one can be everywhere all at the same time. Back then, I was still getting to know the server and the people in it.

But of course, not everyone was quick to forgive. For weeks on end, I still encountered people in the server who jeered at me and continued to say nasty stuff behind my back. Until one particular CW where one player actually PKed me while reporting, I thought, what the heck, I'm calling it quits. Regardless of the fact that people say this is a PK server, my point is that whether you are in a PK or non-PK server, respect is still of great importance. I thought that since some of the players are so into CW, they can probably do the reporting themselves.

I never asked for anything in this job. I only wanted to participate in the war in a different way since I could not be much of help to the faction I'm in. The dynamics of the war piqued my interest so much, and I wanted to get to know the people in this server after transferring from my former home in Cervantes.

But as they say, you can't please everyone.

I lost so much when I took on this job of reporting. I really lost so much. But life goes on. I'm actually enjoying being a normal gamer once again. Although my current faction, †Legion†, is rather small and we have few members, I look forward to the day we can go to war as well.

I wrote this piece not to gather sympathy from anyone; I just want to clear up the issue. And I just want to remind everyone that this is just a game that should not run over relationships nor break long standing friendships. You don't have to trudge on everyone's toes just to prove your greatness.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank the people who've expressed appreciation in my know who you are. Many thanks as well to the AF peeps for being my first friends in Caravaggio, and to †Legion† for their continued support. Thank you also to all the people I've befriended while staying in this server...and to that one person who made it all worth my while.

I just do hope that people can be a bit more kind.

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