Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My first Colony Wars in Caracci

Last Sunday's CW session was my first attendance in Caracci under Outcasts. So far, my main team's still at lvl 94 (must plvl soon, I know) and needless to say, this has been the laggiest CW that I've ever attended.

Everybody else in the entire server felt no need to start declaring war at precisely 8PM. For a while, several broadcast chats spammed the server, asking if there was no war precisely because of the eerie silence that ensued. Sometime at 9PM, everyone in the faction was mobilized for a planned assault on Scorching Plateau and the Bonavista River. We all converged at one spot in Coimbra, and at this time we already felt the lag that was to come in battle.

Outcasts meet at the Sea Elephant Cafe

At the appointed time, everyone warped to the first target in Scorching Plateau and was concurrently seized after a skirmish with HuntorHunted Faction. Next, we set our sites on Bonavista, although our first colony was already under attack.

It was at this point in time when I witnessed the Royalist alliance in action. The powerhouse faction of Destiny made an appearance and decimated us Republicans with much ease. As for me, I could barely move an inch as I received the brunt of countless AoE skills spammed by the opponents.

The battle at Bonavista

We may have lost the colony we got, but it was nevertheless an exciting match (sans the lag XD). I'm looking forward to more action come the monthly map reset.

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