Thursday, January 10, 2008

What I've been up to recently

At long last!

As of this entry, Riza, Ehlana and Armeo are now Veterans! Yayness! My main team finally reached Vet status on the first week of the month, and I've been such a proud mommy ever since (ah, my babies...they grow up so fast XD). With that said, I'd like to thank the people who've been instrumental in reaching my long goal in GE (you know who you guys are :p). Special mention to my mates in †Legion† for the numerous squad and power leveling sessions that made it easy for me to level faster.

I thought I was going to have an easy life after that, but I was sorely mistaken. I had to farm for mega ores and rare books to actually buy the Vet skill books, and being the typical impatient person that I am, I ended up buying the stuff and burning my vis along with it. Then stupidity struck me during these times when I learned I had to max out ETS' ESP skill, plus the fact that I bought too many rare books of magic than the usual. T_T

I never realized going Veteran will burn holes in your inventory.

Anyway, here's a brief account on what I've been up to for the past few days:

Party Elections

Meeting in Villa de Libertad prior to elections

Last Saturday, 5 January, was a monumental event in GE as the much anticipated beta elections were held. I was particularly clueless on the details on how to nominate our faction leader, and I presumed the others were quite the confused bunch as well. But after a few hits and misses, here's what I gleaned from the event:

1. Faction leaders can be nominated for the position of Duke/President. Nominations can be made at the Cite de Reboldoeux Reception Hall (Royalists) and Villa de Libertad (Republicans). Talk to the soldier near the party leaders (in this case, I approached the Auch Infantry Officer near Simon Ayende as my faction belonged to the Republican alliance).

Talk to this dude to nominate your leaders

2. Nominations can be done by purchasing the Candidate Registration Certificate worth 5 million vis by talking to the Reboldoeux/Auch Infantry Officer). Anyone in the faction can nominate their leader.

Make your votes count 'coz this baby costs a lot!

3. Click on the Elections Representative (the one near the ballot boxes) to cast your vote.

Cast your votes to get your nice prize

4. Click on the Elections Representative once again to get your Vote Prize Portion: 3pcs Election Compensation Potion (grants lvl 15 Intensify, Acceleration and Meditation)

Nifty little prize

*Please correct me if I overlooked anything in the process.

For the Republicans, only two leaders were nominated, Sapheron of SupperClub™ and Spardo of †Legion†. I still have to check on the Royalists side (anyone care to share who the nominees are?).

The Republican nominees

After the stipulated time of elections, it came as a surprise that there was nary an announcement of who won. I wonder when will they proclaim the winners?

Faction activities

Also last weekend, my mates in †Legion† together with some friends from SupperClub™ and other factions joined us in the Corridor of Assize to take down Chrysalis and the decomposing Dr. Fran (hehe). Since I never had any experience in taking part in a faction quest, this comes as close to having such activity.

A little bit of vanity before the hackin' & slashin'

Chrysalis was around lvl 85 and was quite easy to take down. We had a roll whacking Dr. Fran though, thank goodness for the efficient tankers in the team. After several casualties, we finally beat the old man and celebrated in Gehenna Bridge with a display of fireworks.

Everybody wanted a piece of Dr. Fran (who is in there somewhere XD)

Hopefully this won't be the last activity we'll have as the number of Veterans in our faction are slowly increasing in number. Thanks to our friends from other factions for helping us out! ^_^

I finally have her

After hearing the news about the possibility of sGE not releasing the cash RNPCs, I was quite disappointed to know that I might never see an Idge the Battlesmith added to my barracks. But lo and behold, this month's My Bellem's Box was the answer to all my worries!

Welcome Pleaides to the DeSanggria family barracks!

Yes, I named my favorite RNPC after my mate Iris' in-game name (much to Spardo's chagrin :P). I think it's a fitting name for a spunky, strong woman who will suan everyone in the server in the future (LOL just kidding! XD).

I'm currently plvling her to achieve Vet status at the soonest possible time. I can't wait to have a Veteran Idge with all those cool stances and extra AGI! :3

Congratulatory messages

I'd like to personally congratulate my good friends Fiksdotter, the Reclusion brothers and NineMoons for winning in the Fantazztic Film Awards and Intel Machinimasia movie-making events!

Kudos to you guys! Balato naman sa premyo! Wahehehe. ^_~

That's the wrap for now. I'll be posting something about an upcoming GE PH event this weekend. ^_^


filsimmer said...

Wow! Looks like I gotta keep up as well. Well, I gotta manage my time very well since I'll be an official agent by the end of my training here. You take care and keep up the good work, alright?

DeSanggria said...

@fil: yup, i will. i'm pretty sure you'll find the time to play given the "plans" we discussed a few days ago. mwehehehe. ;)