Sunday, March 2, 2008

Just to show how messy I really am...'s a screenshot of what my desktop looks like, as tagged by NineMoons.

By now you're probably going to ask...why don't I have a GE wallpaper in my desktop?

Well, aside from my obvious obsession about GE, I'm also psyched to play Hellgate: London. In fact, I have a level 7 Marksman character by the name of Yldera. Yeah, she's still a noob, but I'll soon get back to leveling her (once I've depleted the combat manuals I'm using in Carracci right now hehe). Since I have this certain bias for long ranged characters, I chose to play the Hunter class in HGL.

As you can see, I haven't gone to clean my desktop with all the JPEG files cluttered out there. It just goes to show what a lazy bum I am (hehe), not to mention the zipped files that I haven't sorted out.

The only games I got installed aside from HGL and GE is RAN Online, one of our published games...and a competitor's game title (muahahaha!). I haven't gotten to play the latter game as there seems to be something wrong with their validation page.

Anyway, that's just about that. Now as part of the cycle of this meme, I'm tagging a few of my friends as well:

CM Veya

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