Saturday, March 1, 2008

The White Baron cometh

It was this week's maintenance when I realized how frustrating it was to wait for the 5PM mark before the servers went up. I had a magazine article deadline to beat, and the frickin' maintenance schedule got in the way of my plans.

So I counted each excruciating hour, and finally when the servers were opened, I quickly logged in, put on the Wheel of Destiny on my Wizard and sprayed otite perfume on all my 3 characters. Then I pestered Reclusion to lemme borrow his extra Le Blanc and headed off to Porto Bello Quay.

Welcome to the Dark Side.

Having a walkthrough for the baron quest proved to be quite useful as I didn't have to bungle my way looking for the location of the quest requirements. But being the natural klutz that I was, I nearly wasted my mystery powders with these stupid mistakes:

  • I sometimes forgot to activate the quest for pure otites from the Gloomy Old Man. The walkthrough did warn me about it, but what the was late, I was sleepy and I was feeling cranky with the deadline hanging over my head.

Undead ghouls = m0ar otites!

  • My stupid internet connection almost always gave up on me...right when I was watching the e-drama with Kurt, Edward and Sir Lyndon. Talk about major cliffhangers. Alas, more wasted mystery powders.
  • I couldn't kill the lvl 106 boss undead Fighter in the quest. You should've seen me hacking furiously at my keyboard pumping in those pots XD. Good thing a faction mate was there to lend a hand.
At the end of the quest, I was asked to choose which baron I should aid. Since I've noticed a sudden deluge of Kurt Lydons populating Carracci, I opted to help the other baron, Edward Jameson.

Let me tell you that I actually hesitated to choose Edward because I may have a hard time getting his card as I heard that I have to defeat Kurt (unlike in getting Kurt's card where you can get it even if you lose to Edward).

And you know what? The funniest thing happened to me while I was battling Kurt. First off, my Scout died (naturally..since she only had 49 DR >.<). Then my Musketeer tanked Kurt, who eventually died (stupid connection didn't get the pots in time, dammit!). When I saw Kurt hacking stupidly on my levitating Wizard, I knew this fight was in the bag. Bwahahaha!

I actually killed a lvl 115 enemy! *tears of joy*

And so, I'm very happy to add Tybalt Candore into the DeSanggria family barracks. ^_^

Some few photo ops:

Time for some Brokeback: My Edward with Reclusion's Edward

White Grim Reaper! Squeee! :3

I actually got his name from the anime Romeo x Juliet. I actually wanted to name him Romeo Candore (after the main character, Romeo Candore Van de Montague), but it sounded flaky and lame so I chose a supporting character's name, Tybalt, instead.

Now that I got that aside, 92 elites here I come! *goes to hunt for m0ar pure otites*

Many thanks to the ff. people:
Tjia of Friends Faction

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