Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Finally some farking justice!

Taking a break from The Requiem updates...

While researching for some information about the Chaos Requiem map, I thought of checking out GE Hanbiton for some updates, until I stumbled upon this...

Good Lord, finally the male Elementalist gets justice!

NineMoons and I were talking about stock character hairstyles in her recent blog update, and it was quite a perfect timing for me to encounter this.

I dunno if this was edited or what (ok, looks like he is edited), but it's not cruel to wish for a cleaner, more sophisticated look for the male Elementalist, yes?

God, he's bloody gorgeous. *drool*

And on a side note, kGE fans are having a roll on these alternate hairstyles.

Effeminate-looking Gavin, anyone? XD

male Elementalist look

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The Arc said...

yeah it is edited. i love the female hairstyle for fighter (the one in boneframe fighter with Ustiur as her BG) and the Cath with parted ponytail anime hairstyle >_<