Friday, July 4, 2008

Day 1 of Requiem

So, how was your 24 hours of no GE?

For me it was a bit of hell. All I could think of was finding a good name for Vicente Rio who I plan to recruit to my family once the servers went up. XD

First of all, I want to congratulate IAH for a good job in getting the servers up at the appointed time, even earlier than what was scheduled. I've been hearing stuff that the maintenance might get extended, but thankfully things pushed through with minimal glitches.

And so, the very first thing I did when I got my G-Points was to play ABS (with which I got more crap items lulz) AND finally recruit Vicente Rio to my family.

It was just a bit disappointing that he starts off at lvl 1 upon creation. T_T

I named him Lelldorin, after one of my favorite fantasy novels, The Belgariad.

Lelldorin, Baron of Wildantor and later husband of Ariana. Lelldorin is called "the Archer" in the Mrin Codex - Taken from Wikipedia

Unfortunately, there was no bard character in the series, so I resorted to naming him after the Asturian archer. I think the name suits him anyway. ^_^

Vicente looking happy to be a DeSanggria

And so, here I am in Bahia, pleveling my Lelldorin in the hopes that I get him to Veteran status before the contest ends so I can get his costume. It was later that I realized that I should've gone for the Tactical Assistance skill book (which requires 25 MPs to boot), before recruiting this RNPC to my family.

I r teh phailz. LOL.

P.S.: Let me just say that there's an overcrowding here in Outside Bahia. Obviously, everyone's in a rush to get this dude to Vet. So if you don't happen to own a Vicente Rio, now's the best time to grind at high level maps...there's nary a soul there. XD

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