Tuesday, July 1, 2008

[The Requiem Updates Part 3] The winds of change

With only a few days left until The Requiem patch, let me just give you added information on some of the things that are bound to change come this game update. And believe me, it's going to knock your socks off.

Let me give you a run down of the more important system changes.

1. Colony buffs will be deactivated during Colony Wars and Super Fights. This gives all participating players/factions an "almost equal playing field" during these events. By "almost equal", I mean that the only thing that will decide one's success in PK/PvP during CW and Super Fights will be one's equipment and skill.

2. Use of the colony warp which helped factions to warp between colonies will be disabled. So it's either you run, or stack up on your warp slots to defend/attack colonies.

3. Market deposit has been changed to give tax to faction who acquire colonies.
25% of market tax will go to the reigning Chancellor
75% of market tax will go to Colony holders

I believe this is great news indeed as we will see a change in the scale of power in the world map. Factions who have remained silent for so long will have more reasons to form alliances and/or go head-on in the weekly Colony Wars.

Here are some additional game features to be introduced in v.2.6.3:

New Items: Belt & Earrings

  • Belts and earrings are accessories that have immunity rate and penetration options. Immunity - Prevent/ignores penetration, DEF and RES; Penetration - Ignores enemy's DEF, RES, Block and Evasion)
  • Recipes for these accessories are found in Chaos Requiem. Idge and Karjalainen will be able to craft these trinkets.
New Recipes: Necklaces

  • Some of the additional necklace recipes are as follows:
Physical ATK
Shooting ATK
Fire ATK
Lightning ATK
Mental ATK

New Function: Group Chatting

  • For the price of one microphone, you can create a group of up to 50 people where you can communicate with one another via group chat.

New Function: In-Game Notice Board

  • By pressing CTRL + S, you can activate the server board.'
  • Use one megaphone to change the color of the text as you write on the notice board.

New Game Functions

  • There will be additional information at the character window which will show the Mental RES and Immune rate of your character
  • Quests will be clusted in groups: [P] Pioneering Memorial Quests, [E] Elite Hunting mission, [K] Killcount for other normal hunt and correction quests.

New Premium Items: Costumes

  • Some of the RNPCs such as Jose Cortasar and Karjalainen get a makeover with new costumes!
New Premium Items: 6th Barracks

  • Unlock another barracks for your family and add more characters to increase your family level!

New Mini-game: Catch Spearfish

  • I don't have an idea on how this works, but I'm thinking in the lines of the Catch Capybara mini-game in Bahia.

New NPC Face Textures

  • Whoa! NPCs get a facelift? XD
pCM Veya
Team IAH

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