Saturday, July 5, 2008

[Living GE] More impressive cosplays, & a loco greeting

Warning: Massive picspam up ahead

While taking some time off in leveling Vicente Rio (read: crap Net connections and uber crowded Bahia), I discovered another surprise, this time from renowned game website,

And lookee what I found...GE cosplay!

Pretty detailed Gabriella cosplay

Le Blanc Scout brandishing a dagger

Cath in Sugarplum Tutu costume, Karjalainen, Adelina, Viki (in both default and Hurdy-Gurdy attires)

It's Hrin's ex-BFF, Leticia

Holy smokes, it's Gracielo and his man bewbs!

Le Blanc Elementalist does a Naruto pose, complete with Rasengan!

Pretty Lisa Lynway

Idge the Battlesmith likes big ass swords

I won't be boring you to enumerate all the characters seen here since you're bound to recognize a few familiar faces. ^_~

ChinaJoy Cosplay Championship 2008: Granado Espada

...and on another note...


May you fulfill your promise to treat us out to a buffet of Buena Bonita Burgers. LOL.

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