Monday, July 14, 2008

The raid that went awry

I was a bit pissed this weekend because I couldn't properly plvl my Vicente because of the intermittent Internet connection at home, not to mention that I get frustrated just looking at the EXP rate.

On a whim, I joined my faction mates together with a few friends from Outcasts and Covenant to try the Gate of Hell raid somewhere in El Canon de Diabolica.

TK, OC and Covenant getting ready to dine in Hell

Needless to say, the initial foray in this raid activity was relatively painless. We were a big squad, so naturally the lag was expected. We were met with a lot of Grim Reapers, although we did not stray away from the mission, which was to kill all the Dragonhead mobs we encountered.

Grim Reapers galore

The more painful one was meeting Chrysalis face to face. Despite the fact that we had some Experts on the squad and some members who were wearing Fire series weapons, we were wiped clean by this boss. Save for a few OC peeps who managed to ress a few of us piece by piece, we still failed nonetheless.

Death by Chrysalis

We made a second try for this raid, but unfortunately, my fugly connection booted me out and I was unable to log on for quite some time. I gave up trying to get in (lest I throw my laptop out the window in frustration), although I am curious to know if ever they managed to defeat Chrysalis the 2nd time around.


Is it just me or am I getting bored playing GE? All I ever do is grind, grind and grind. I need a breather.

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