Monday, September 15, 2008

The gates are open!

It's official, folks. The gates to Tierra Putrefacta, and ultimately, to Chaos Requiem, are now open, now that Vivaldi and Pachelbel did the job of pwning the Giant Keeper days after Caravaggio, Carracci and Cervantes killed the monster from their respective servers.

And here we thought that faction feuds would be a hindrance to resolve this matter. A big kudos to all seaGE factions for rising above the personal strife to come together for one cause. For that, you've given all citizens of Granado Espada the chance to venture into Chaos Requiem!

Not that I'm not miffed about what people were saying that this would further worsen the botting situation, I only see the more macro viewpoint, in this case, everyone is given the access to this new map. So this still calls for a big celebration.

Here's to hoping one day I can set foot in the new map as well. But for now, I gotta clear out my Katovic and Bahamas quests before I shoot for the stars. XD

Here's a few screenshots posted by our friends at the GE forums.

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