Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Up close & personal with Aethrin

Curious on who the new GE Philippine CM is? Well then, here's your opportunity to know more about the soft-spoken, hardcore gamer, CM Aethrin!

Server: Cervantes
Level: Veteran
MCC Team: Irawan, Grace Bernelli, Adelina the Pirate
Favorite NPC: Irawan

CM Aethrin (the one in purple) with the GE PH bloggers
Photo by NineMoons

Tell us something about yourself. How long have you been playing online games?

I’ve been playing online games for almost 5 years. I’m a gamer at heart. Aside from games, I like to travel, listen to music and dabble with art.

In your experience as a gamer, what makes GE stand out from the other games you’ve played?

GE has unique game features that other MMOs don’t have -- particularly the MCC and XAI. The game has an amazing concept and graphics. The RNPCs are also great because it allows you to include them in your family line-up.

You have big shoes to fill as the new CM for GE PH. Do you plan to pick up where CM Veya left off (in terms of projects, plans, etc.) or do you plan to come up with your own?

Being the new CM for GE is a very nice opportunity for me. I do plan to continue what CM Veya has started, but I have other plans for the improvement of the GE Community as well.

What’s the first thing you’ll do as the new Community Manager?

Do the unexpected.

What can the community expect from you as its new CM, and from IP e-Games in general?

Well, they can expect lot of good things. There will be more events for the GE Community.

We know that a lot of PH gamers are clamoring for more GE promotions and the availability/accessibility of the game in most Internet cafes and GVCs. What is your take on this?

We have good activities planned up for GE. We’ll be having more I-café/ground event tours. We will provide you with a better GVC distribution process.

Will the gamers be seeing more of you in-game? How often are you online? Will you also have server visits to check on the community?

Yes absolutely! I will be visiting the servers for them to know that CM Aethrin really exists. LOL. And yes, there will be server visits, schedules and activities that I’ll be doing. So for our GE gamers, check the GE PH website for updates on these.

I hear that you (or e-Games for that matter) is in the thick of hosting the GE PH anniversary this month. Are there any plans/activities that you have in mind? If so, what are those?

Yes, we have the activities lined up for the GE anniversary and we will communicate it to all players once everything’s settled and finalized.

I’m sure the PH gamers would want to know if the i-Café buff will be implemented here in the Philippines. Is this possible? When will this take effect if ever?

We are definitely planning to implement the i-Café buff here in the Philippines, and we are currently testing it. However, one of the major concern here is that our country has a dynamic IP address, meaning that most i-Cafes have varying IP addresses. But we’re working on ways to go around this concern. If things go well, we might implement it sometime soon.

Will e-Games also offer the 70k GP denomination? Does e-Games plan on expanding GVC denominations?

We are planning to work on the availability of the 70k G-Points, since many players prefer to buy the highest denomination.

I heard that e-Games is also working on implementing e-Points to G-Points for easier access. How soon will this be put into operation?

The EP-GP conversion project will be a big help for a lot of GE gamers; this project is one of our top priorities and will be launched as soon as it is ready.

What are your plans for the GE community in the Visayas and Mindanao?

For Visayas and Mindanao, we are doing ground events such as freeplays and tournaments.

Any words for the community?
Yeah, keep rockin’ the GE world! Make the Pinoy gamers proud!

There you have it! I tried to coax some more explanation from CM Aethrin, but he's kinda busy with a lot of things right now, and I am thankful as it is that he gave me a few moments of his time for this interview. ^_^

And for those in Cervantes who are curious to know his IGN, you're reading it right now. ^^ You can also reach him at: granadoespada[at]e-games[dot]com[dot]ph

Let's support the new CM of the Granado Espada Philippine community! Happy 1st anniversary!

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