Saturday, September 20, 2008

Trouble in paradise

There are about 350+ people online at the GE forums right now. Usually in an ordinary day when the game is at its usual, error-free state, you won't find that much number of people hanging around.

And that means, that there's trouble in GE paradise.

I haven't been online in the game since Wednesday, but I've been regularly checking the forums for updates and stuff. Apparently, this Thursday's maintenance went from an unforeseen extension, to ad hoc, to server reset. And like always, all hell breaks loose in the forums. Just take a look at the General Discussion page and you'll see scores of complaints, expletives and demands on the irregularities they've experienced in-game. The only thing they need are torches and pitchforks and we have an angry, flaming-happy mob.

It kinda makes me thankful that I haven't been playing for the past 4 days to experience all these. It just gets so tiring and repetitive to be seeing scores and scores of threads relating to technical problems and concerns. Since most of the people hang out in that particular section of the forums, threads are being created at the wrong location, making the forums cluttered and untidy.

I don't wanna fan the flames. I do understand both the players' and IAH's position and I'm siding with neither. But for the sake of everyone's sanity, I just wish there would be:
  • just one thread enumerating all technical irregularities, game bugs and errors so that IAH can properly take action. Imagine weeding out all those threads which are basically just saying the same things. Sure, sure, everyone's pissed. But if we don't act like sane humans and work together to solve these problems, we'd all just be wasting each other's time.
  • some sense of maturity not to go around running like a headless chicken, screaming profanities. No amount of cussing or swearing will solve the situation at hand, nor will it bring back the lost time from all those ATs, CMs and other consumable premium items.
  • an area where people can calmly discuss these concerns after the dust has settled. I'm thinking more in the lines of a dialogue between IAH and the gamers to properly inform both parties on what happened before, during and after the incident.
In the meantime, why won't people just chill and do their other responsibilities in REAL life?

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