Friday, October 31, 2008

Feso farming 101

Like I mentioned in my previous post, there's really a need to farm for the 3rd currency called Fesos, if not for the pet food and the other neat goodies found in the Feso item shop. But how does one acquire this kind of in-game money anyway?

For a quick, basic rundown on how to obtain Fesos, here's a very informative article from the GE website.

Now as mentioned, you can get the Sun Stones, Moon Stones and Growth Stones at the various FT, AT and Super Fight maps. For the paid dungeon areas, you need to kill the rare spawning Treasure Mob found in random locations all over the area.

Treasure mobs in AT and FT

Take note that these mobs are more often than not invisible, meaning that they can't be normally killed by the melee and long-ranged character classes. You need to have the Elementalist or the Wizard ready with AOE skills to take down these invisible creatures. I haven't tried the Wizard for these farming sessions, so I'd recommend you bring the Elementalist in your team to cast the Elemental Strife skill to pin down the elusive vermin.

This also means that you should avoid AFK-ing for the meantime in AT or FT so you can stand by just in case these mobs appear in your spot.

As for the Super Fight maps, you can always hunt for the stones by killing the normal mobs. It's a rare drop, so better be alert for anything laid on the ground as well as for any hostile people as it is a PK enabled map.

Happy farming!

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