Thursday, October 30, 2008

OC turns one year!

If there was one place in GE where I felt most at home, it would have to be the non-PK server formerly known as Carracci. Contary to what most players would say about the "carebear server", there are tons of benefits in playing in a non-PK world, one of which involves cultivating meaningful friendships unencumbered by the competition aspect of the game.

This is why I feel really blessed to have been previously taken in by the Outcasts Faction, the hardcore PH gamers of the said server. Back then when I moved in, the group was headed by Obviar, and then later on, by †Bayushi†. Now under the leadership of Southernsky, the OC Faction is going stronger than ever.

Elite friendship over elite items. This is the core mantra of the group, and one of the reasons why it remains standing strong and proud to this day. Last October 25, OC celebrated its one year as a faction. Together with the PH members of Destiny, the guys organized an EB of sorts in Chinensis' house to commemorate one year of friendship. The celebration was also held in conjunction with some of OC's birthday celebrants, Chinensis and Device.

Congratulations, Outcasts! Keep the flame burning for PH gamers!

Here are some pictures from their gathering. Thanks to Chinensis & Southernsky for the copies! ^^

Southernsky (left) gets a serious nosebleed from Reclusion's (middle) incessant English talk, while Santoss (right) attempts to look serious.

The new endorser for GE merch (thanks to CM Aethrin for sponsoring the goodies!).

Winners one and all! (l-r) Fiksdotter, Chinensis, Leonne, RyuHirohata, Mangyantribe, Southernsky, EldeonRose, Arkcraft, Zoldyack

Friends from Destiny: Fiksdotter (in white), Reclusion (in brown), EldeonRose (in yellow with his back turned XD), Zoldyack (in red) and the faction-less Leonne (in green, partly hidden)

Cheers to Outcasts! (l-r) Chinensis, Santoss, Fiksdotter, Southernsky, Leonne


ascoth a.k.a. Chinensis said...

Weeeee! Ang saya-saya, noh? =P

ascoth a.k.a. Chinensis said...

Teka, bakit wala ka sa mga pics? hwehehehe

DeSanggria said...

wala naman talaga ako sa mga pics eh. :P