Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Slowly but surely

Going solo these past few weeks proved to be quite a daunting task for me as I don't have that much people to talk to during the rare times that I'm not always AFK leveling. It feels like I've been power leveling since I got to play GE and it can sometimes get dragging and boring.

I'm still in the process of vetting my Bai Hu. It'll probably take me a few more days before I start gagging at this tiresome chore of vetting characters. So to give myself something to look forward to in this game, I came up with a few personal goals.

DS' Purpose of Existence in GE (in no particular order):

  • Get to Expert level (hopefully by that time, they haven't released the Master level, otherwise much shiet will be had).
  • Participate in major raids (Elemental Gates, Griffon, KOG, FF, Uraeus, etc.)
  • Finish the Katovic and Bahamas Quests.
  • Beat the living daylights out of Novia and get an extra Gavin RNPC card.
  • Acquire decent (much emphasis on the word) armors and weapons.
  • Participate in Colony Wars without getting my ass raped (or not being totally over-raped if there is such a word XD). Or perhaps getting to kill some people in CW.
  • Actually winning in a PvP match (oh man, this is going to look so funny with a PvP noob like me).

Hmm...these goals are pretty much doable, yes? The only thing I see there that's going to be pretty tricky is the road to Expert level and the acquisition of weapons and armors that will help me achieve the others.

Hopefully I'd be able to earn my keep once I rejoin a faction, but looking at the way things are, it's not going to be a bed of roses. Seeing my main team's AR & DR makes me just want to weep in disappointment. I still have a long, long way to go.

I just hope I still have the patience to finish all these before I lose interest in it all together. Hopefully. Hopefully.


ascoth a.k.a. Chinensis said...

Almost same goals here. Natatanggalan lagi ng saplot ang mga Chinensis girls sa CW e. =P

DeSanggria said...

hahaha..ano yan nahuhubaran? LOL!