Friday, December 19, 2008

Trying my best to fill in your shoes

Sometime last April, I put this teaser up as a prelude to my next cosplay project. I was hoping to have it ready in the last Domination II event, but I judged too soon and the project wasn't able to push through. Now I'm happy to say that things are finally falling into place and that I can finally unveil this humble little project of mine.

Judging from the silhouette, I'm sure it's no secret that I'm planning to cosplay Selva Norte, the RNPC avatar of RCM Hrin. It seems pretty ambitious, but I'm going to great lengths to lessen the food intake so I wouldn't look like a blimp wearing this costume. I'm really excited to get this done, being the fact that Selva's costume involves a great deal of intricate details.

I originally planned to cosplay her character sans the arm guard, given the fact that it's too detailed. Ever since Doratomo closed its character image database, I've been having trouble looking for concrete pictures of the armor. And since I can't think of a way to conceal my real arm and go for the skeleton version of Selva's left forearm, so I thought it would be easier to adapt the bandaged version.

But then again, I had help from a good props maker, so he was able to come up with a different version of the arm guard.

I really like the cyborg fingers, which is actually just one half of a rough working glove sprayed with silver Pylox and accessorized with rubber stoppers to simulate the robotic armor. I can very well flex my fingers, but cannot readily grasp anything because of the rubber fingers. Bending my elbows is going to be next to impossible because of armor covering half of my arm. It's also made of rubber sheets glued together and sprayed with silver metallic Pylox to make it look like metal.

I thought well of a good weapon for the character. Given the dearth of images on the web, I chose the Glacial Eglanche ice series rapier.

Compared to my previous Idge cosplay where I was lugging around this huge Castor Sword GS, this cosplay prop is easier to carry around since it's lightweight and all. I'm particularly fond of the flower-like hilt and the vine-like detail surrounding the blade.

I'll be posting pictures soon about the rest of the costume's finished product. I'm still working on the additional accessories for the corset, necklace and boots. Can't wait to have a photo shoot with some of my GE cosplay friends!


Ashardalon said...

Will be nice to have pics of the actual cosplays (e.g. ur Idge), instead of just the gears.

DeSanggria said...

@Ashardalon: yup. i'm already rounding up a few of my friends who have GE costumes for a small photo shoot.

as for idge...hmm..i kinda dun wanna wear that anymore. LOL. i lost idge's GS so i'm just left with her attire. but we'll see..we'll see. XD

A-chan said...

Wow, that's way cool! Sino-sino pa kayo sa photoshoot? Post pics ha! :D

DeSanggria said...

@A-chan: sina ria, jac, joy and a few more peeps. will post pics of course. :D

Divinicus said...

WOW!!! brava on those cosplay pieces! theyre right on the money

DeSanggria said...

@Divinicus: thanks! hopefully we'd get the shoot rolling early january. ^^

ascoth a.k.a. Chinensis said...

Hala, bruha, si Selva Norte ang cosplay mo?! @_@

Ayan tuloy, gusto ko na siyang makuha sa GE 3.0. Patulong sa Chaos Requiem quests para makuha na natin si Empress Selva (at nang magsama-sama na sila nina Edward at Gavin). hwehehehehe

DeSanggria said...

@Chin: lul di ko pa nga tapos yung katovic quest, much more yung gavin quest. :P