Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday greetings from the DeSanggria Family

It's Christmas Eve! I hope everyone's having a good time, both in-game and in real life. After Christmas, we're going to be counting down the days until the end of 2008, and it is my fervent wish that everyone is all happy, safe and in good spirits this holiday season.

The picture above is my entry to the Naught or Nice event, in which I wished for 70K GP, Item of the Month and the White Cristatus back costume. The image, made by my friend, was accompanied by a simple poem with which I hope the GE Santa will notice when he starts granting wishes on Christmas Day and on the 26th. But just between us...I wouldn't mind not getting the GP or the IOTM. The back costume will look absolutely splendid on my Elementalist. Hehe.

In truth, I had a hard time deciding what to wish for. Of course, I automatically thought of asking for GP, but at the same time, I wanted to have an Elite Dragon Coat & Elite La Ventisca for my Musketeer and Elementalist. When I reviewed the wish list, I was saddened to see that they're only going to give out the recipes for the elite 92 armors, not the item itself. I figured I will get to craft those items in due time and with patience, since I was able to craft an Elite Rescue Suit for my Scout on one lucky day. I hope my luck doesn't run out in the next few days though.

But if Santa were to ask me what I really liked, I'd have asked for these:
  • Selva Norte RNPC with her armguard (not just the RNPC card & the armguard recipe haha)
  • Elite Le Noir for Musketeer
  • a pair of Intuition of Alrischa pistols (Constellation series)
A girl can dream, you know. ^_~

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the holidays! Be safe and have fun!

Merry Christmas from the DeSanggria Family!
Tala, Sidapa & Amihan


Maho said...

Merry Christmas DeSanggria~~
May your christmas wish come true

LC Faction

DeSanggria said...

thanks, maho! merry christmas to you too! more power to LC! ^^

AVILA said...

Hehehe! Nice! HappY Holidays!!!


DeSanggria said...

@Avila: thank you for dropping by. merry christmas!