Sunday, February 15, 2009

[CCrew Quest] Love Love Revolution!

Love-Love Revolution!

I seriously need to blog and pimp our Community Crew events. -_-;;

Anyway, I'd like to invite everyone to join this month's forum quest hosted by the Community Crew! Valentine's Day may have already passed, but not the love fever (ok, I admit that was a lame line XD)!

The event entitled, Love Love Revolution, invites you to hatch a diabolical plan to help specific NPCs create the ultimate love strategy.

I know you're curious to learn more, so read this nao!

What we really need to see in yer werks is the kind of planning/strategy you will execute to help the NPC. No need to detail the outcome of it...we just needs teh epic planz!

Join nao and you might win 30x ABS + White Cristatus back costume! >:3

Contest runs from 15 February to 8 March 2009.

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