Saturday, June 6, 2009


I am in surround sound heaven. <3

It's been almost a week since the Plantronics GameCom 777 Headset arrived at my doorstep, and I'm loving every minute of it. :)

Since I'm almost always in front of the computer every day, having a nice headset/earphone is a necesarry accessory for my PC, moreso that all avid gamers need to have quality headsets to complete their gaming experience.

Using the GameCom headset in my day-to-day work and leisure activities on the computer was indeed the best experience ever. I've owned many headsets before, but nothing can quite compare to the digital surround sound that only this headset can give. Here are some of the situations where I use it most frequently.

  • Listening to music while working. There's not a day that passes by where I don't open my iTunes to listen to some great sounds. I'm the kind of person who gets a lot of work done while listening to music. Having the GameCom headset glued to my ears the entire day brings the music literally closer to my ears! It's as if I could hear the synthesizers right on my ears! How's that for listening to Backstreet Boys? LOL!

  • Playing Granado Espada. I have to admit that I've turned off the game's music since it gets to be repetitive, but I tried activating it when the GameCom headset on, and I have to side with Uncle MPT about this. Listening to the superb music of GE can really drive you to emo tears! I most especially loved repeating these songs:
Violin of Death (City of Auch bgm) - I've always been a big fan of string instruments, particularly the violin. Listening to this song on GameCom was like having several violins playing live!

Odyssey (Al Quelt Moreza bgm) - How does having a chorus of blending voices sound? Heavenly.

Nangman Trance (Tetra Catacombs bgm) - I really enjoyed listening to this track most of all, as it is my favorite GE bgm ever. I can distinctly hear almost all the intruments playing, which is something that I rarely experience while using my other headsets. It certainly brings back memories of my noob, power-leveling days. :)

  • Watching videos. As earlier mentioned, the music, SFX and speeches are much more evident when I use the GameCom headset while watching videos. It's like being inside a cinema with all the hodgepodge of sounds blaring at your ears from all corners.

Having said all these, here's what I absolutely love about the headset.

  1. Superb sound quality. I'm going to mention this again and again: you can never go wrong with the Gamecom headset when it counts to sound quality. If you're the type of person who listens to a lot of music or who just loves to play games, I couldn't recommend any headset like this.
  2. Ergonomic features. The Plantronics GameCom 777 Headset probably has the best ergonomic features on the unit, particularly the soft cushions on the head and ear pieces. The most definitely provide the utmost comfort for that surround sound quality. It's like snuggling to soft, cozy sheets!
  3. Discreet microphone. Safely (and inconspicuously) tucked away at the sides of the head piece is one little microphone that comes in handy when chatting with friends. I particularly use YM and Ventrilo, and I have to say that the mic carries my voice clearly and without static, unlike those in the headsets I've previously owned. What's even better is that I barely notice or feel the mic when I'm using it! It's placed a good distance from the face, making it seem like you're not using one. That's pretty ingenious if I do say so myself.
  4. Volume controls. Unlike in my other headsets, it's very easy to adjust the volume with Gamecom. The volume dial makes it easy for me to know where to turn for louder/softer volume.

However, there are some things that I'd like to take note.

  1. The uncomfortable pressure on the ears while wearing the headset for hours can be quite daunting. As much as I'd love to keep the headset on the entire day, I had to rest my ears from the discomfort. I hope the product's designing team can work out a way to provide more comfort while wearing it for longer periods of time.
  2. The headset is rather big and bulky. Although it's not that heavy to carry around, it looks particularly massive than most headsets. I feel like I'm a disc jockey while wearing it. XD I wonder if there's a way to make it more lightweight while having those really nice ergonomic cushions? :D

Despite it all, there are many redeeming factors to the product, with the sound quality being the topmost plus factor. It may have a pricey tag, but it's something I'm willing to save up on, if only to get the best quality while listening to music or playing games. :)

This blog entry is a demo review of the Plantronics GameCom 777 Headset. I'd like to thank the gracious people of Plantronics in Singapore, as well as to IAHGames for giving me this great opportunity to review a top-class product. Special thanks to Mistress Hrin because if not for her blog plug, I'd never have known there was such a promotion! :D

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