Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I've got mail!

...and this time, it wasn't just the bills. >:D

Just this lazy Saturday afternoon, I felt like it was Christmas in May. Look what just arrived at my doorstep!

Merry Christmas! XD

I thought for one that I was too late to apply for a blog review of the Plantronics GameCom 777 Headset when I first saw it in Hrin's blog. But, lo and behold, the goodies are here!

Open eeeeet!

Teh loots.

The mother of all loots! >:D

The package contained the headset itself (in a small tote bag), a note from the people of Plantronics in Singapore, and the Demo Kit. I was literally hopping around with glee! Looking for the very first gadget to plug it in for an impromptu demo, I quickly grabbed this:

Playing Chrono Cross in PSP! :3

Okay, I know it wasn't the best gadget to try it out, but I was so excited, I could've plugged it anywhere. LOL.

Anyway, Hrin has also written her own review about the product (and with a teary-eyed pic of uncle MPT to boot!), and while browsing, I noticed one thing...the headset that was shipped to me didn't have any USB attachments. D:

Nevertheless, I shall be writing a more detailed review about the product as well as my experience in using the headset while playing GE (and a whole slew of other music tripping and voice chatting) in the next post, so stay tuned!


Reimaru said...

I want that!!!!!!!!!! for my PSP XD

DeSanggria said...

loko. di sya para dun. isang earpiece lang ang gumagana pag pinasak mo sa PSP. pang-PC talaga sya. :p

Jen said...

mare, can u hook me up with your ChronoCross game sa psp? :D

DeSanggria said...

sige mare i'll ask my brother for the file. :D

Reimaru said...

why would sony bother causing trouble on a desanggria's blog when they should bother catching websites that promote pirated games