Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A fashion commentary on new GE costumes

Any avid GE gamer would have to be insane to pass up the opportunity to own costumes for their own characters. Whether it be for the stocks or RNPCs, GE's brand of fashion truly makes each one of us eager for new updates.

I'm not exactly a fashion guru, nor am I that well-versed when it comes to fashion terminologies and such. Let me, however, provide you with my personal comments on the up and coming couture that's going to hit our servers really soon!

The Trump Series

According to Mistress Hrin, things are well in the way for the next patch update this month. Although there's no final name to the patch itself, v.3.4 features the Arsene Circus, where a whole lot of circus-y stuff is bound to arrive in the New World. The main highlight of the patch of course, is the arrival of a new Elementalist-type RNPC, Hellena, and the opening of Ania's recruitment quest. Among these new characters, there's also new maps, boss monsters and mobs to encounter on this rather challenging patch update. I also got word that the cat pet (Sith/Nyato) will also be available in this patch.

The overall look and feel for this patch is obviously that of a deck of cards. From the costumes, maps, character/monster names, this update will bring a different spin to the costumes of the stock characters, aptly named as The Trump Series.

Now let's talk about them one by one, shall we? :D


As expected, Musks are the cloth-clad characters that don't go all-out for skin exposure. Just like the Le Blanc series, Musks don't show that much TNA, and the discerning elements of the Trump theme can be seen in the checkered patches and the heart choker for the female Musk.

I love Musks to bits, but I just feel that the female one looks tomboyish in most of her costumes. I just wish they'd flatter her feminine looks, much like what they did for the Clivia Sprite. The costume design looks a bit plain if you put her side-by-side with the Wiz and Elem.


I think that the Wiz class truly embodies the costume theme with the checkered designs, and spade emblems on their clothes. The male Wiz looks right at home with the theme, as if he was made for such design. Meanwhile, the female Wiz looks like a regal courtier in her gown! Those accordion-like skirt frills reminds me of Shakespeare's collar. LOL.


No one would argue that Elems are the most flamboyantly dressed characters in the game, not to mention the most daring one as well. This one, however, got totally offhand.

For one, the male Elem's clothes are ok, but the stripes are a bit too much. The designers could've opted for a minimalist look, same with the male Musk and Wiz.

For the female Elem, now that's what you call a deck of cards exploding on a dress! She looks like a fondue cake with all the layered petticoats. It's a bit overdone for me. Besides, they went all clothed on this series, compared to the more revealing clothes in their other costumes. Quite a bit inconsistent, considering that players are actually peeping Toms when it comes to the female Elem. :p


I've always thought of Scouts as the innocent looking ones in the game, most especially the female. On this costume though, the innocence was totally smothered by the rather..uh...revealing outfit that makes the female scout look like a lolita for pedos or something. XD Although I have to admit that it matches her skin tone, but still, it's a bit far too revealing for my own comfort. The male one, on the other hand, looks ok. But there's too much purple that he reminds me of ice cream. :x It's also a far cry from the Croanian costume/Oiled Body look that really showed off his buff body.


The male Fighter looks like something you'd expect from the anime Sailormoon. No kidding. And his arm's dislocated. XD

I'm a bit neutral to this, as I think the impressions would come when we see the costumes worn by the characters themselves. Based from my experience, the renders may look unappealing, but would look really nice on the actual characters. I'm still reserving my thoughts on this, though I have to say that the female Fighter's femininity is given some justice.

Overall, I'd say that the Wizard class tops the cool, sophisticated look for this series of costumes. It would also help if there was a bit of play in colors. So far I've noticed that the predominant shade was purple, and not everyone would look good at it. Still, the costume update is still worth something to anticipate. Hopefully they'd look a lot better once they're worn by the characters and we see them live in our servers. :)

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