Friday, June 26, 2009

On the wings of lurve~

Pardon me for the rather corny pun to the title of this post. I'm just ecstatic that I've received the Rojo Puesta del Sol wings from the Hellena's Tarot Cards web event!

The wings have an inherent glow when worn. I'm really glad I bought 3 pairs that I can use on whichever MCC teams I choose to use. They look absolutely splendid on the girls. :)

On a personal note, I'm on my way to having a 5th Expert character! Unbelievable! I thought I'd only have my mains as Experts, but I've been hanging around a lot in AT AFKing most of the time, that in all those daily leveling activities, I managed to get my Bernelli promoted! Well, she's not yet promoted technically because I have yet to buy an Expert scroll for her. Not only that, my very own Selva is well on her way to the next level promotion as well. Things are looking good, if I do say so myself.

I've also made a decision to move to a raid-active faction after thorough contemplation. Although it really saddens me to leave my small faction, I think it's about time for me to start enjoying the game more by experiencing more activities like high level raids and everything. Truth be told, I haven't experienced any major raids, except when I tagged along LC for GOF and Garim. I'd like to know what it's like to participate in Uraeus, Griffon, GOL and all other raids with a big group that's reputed to be doing these raids on a daily basis.

I originally wanted to join LC for that purpose, since I've been with these people and have interacted with them on several occasions. But I feel that I'd be of more use in another faction, since LC does have 2 CCs in their ranks to date. And so, the automatic decision was to go to the ¤ All ¤ Star ¤ Faction.

It's actually my first time to try my luck in getting into a renowned faction. I remember back in Carracci and during the earlier days in Rembrandt, ¤ All ¤ Star ¤ was reputed to have top tier players as members, thus commanding a formidable army every Colony War.

Even though AS has had a change of FLs over the past 2 years of GE, I still have that same impression of power, skill and cunningness when it comes to these guys being active in the game. It's the perfect scenario for me to stop slacking off and really get serious in getting ahead.

Applying in itself was already nerve-wracking. I've been invited previously to join in LC, but I felt that at that time, and with my current team, I wouldn't be of much help to the faction. Now I think I have more or less the capability to go alongside most players in terms of getting ahead with power-leveled characters.

The AS peepz were quite thorough in putting me under a microscope. It's quite understandable that they set certain standards, although at one point I've questioned myself if I even fit the bill to join these guys. At that time I thought I must've been on crack to have ever ambitioned a spot in that really prestigious guild.

But looks like things are swimming well. I may have to leave my current faction sometime soon, but I can't seem to pass the FL rubber duckies to Trianna, as the system said that changing FLs isn't allowed when it's election period. Wow, I didn't even know such a function existed!

Ah well, I think it would be best for me to let the faction penalty blow off some steam for the meantime. There's a lot of things to do lately and I haven't been that much productive, hence the rather late post for today. XD


Vacciuolo Family said...

I want them wings.... T_T

DeSanggria said...

nag-text ka diba? check your ABS account. they're supposed to be there by now.

Filou said...

Welcome in our Faction.


Vacciuolo Family said...

Hindi ako nakapagtext. Asa bora ako nun. T_T

DeSanggria said...

@Filou: thanks! what be yer IGN btw? :D

@Vacciuolo: pabora-bora pa kasi eh yan tuloy. kekekeke.